Readathon Commencing in 5, 4, 3…

In exactly 7 minutes, Dewey’s 24 Hr Readathon will begin and I couldn’t be more excited. They say that the planning that takes place leading up to an event is time well spent. Daydreaming and thinking about how fun something will be can only help to intensify and prolong the enjoyment of said event. So I try to savor the planning process and draw out every pleasure from my trips and special events.

To that end, here is my proposed stack:

Happy readathon!
Here is my proposed stack of books for the readathon.


To that end, I have been in full daydream mode all week in anticipation. But the most fun has been when someone has asked me what my weekend plan are and I know they are seeing a smile of pure delight as I tell them about the readathon. I had two very great conversations with co-workers come out of the exchange. One was inspired by my passion for reading which is evident. He has a 3-year-old daughter and asked how can they instill such a love for books in her? I have so many thoughts that it will have to be another blog post. But I was delighted by that idea. Another co-worker asked me what I would be reading, so I showed him my proposed stack that I had posted on my Instagram account. Watching his eyebrows raise as he took in the types of books I selected was a blast! He admitted that he was impressed by the selection and we ended up having one of the best conversations about books I have ever had at work. We were taking notes on what to read based on each other’s suggestions, as he also is a big fan of works in translation and literary fiction. Thanks, Dewey for giving me the spark to have these types of conversations!

And now it’s time to start. ┬áLet the reading begin!

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