About Hardcover Hearts

I am an avid reader who’s heart races at a well stocked used bookstore.

I am not a book snob- read what makes you happy and gives you that lovely respite from day to day cares.

I would rather read than do almost anything- certainly any chores around the apartment.

I am format agnostic- audio books, ebooks, paperbacks, hardcovers, library books.  Though I am always on the hunt for beautiful first edition copies of my favorite books.  And that gives me legitimate reasons to enter any and all used bookstores.

Don’t ask me what my favorite book is.  It’s impossible to answer.

I come from a family of readers and one of the delights of my married life was when my husband, whom I have been with for 15 years, started reading a year ago through influence and not coercion!

I have a vast To Be Read (TBR) pile of books that I own and I don’t feel bad about that fact.  I find great joy the moment I finish one book and get to choose the next.  I might even be addicted to that feeling. Yes, that is my crack.

My goal for Hardcover Hearts is to tap into the community of enthusiastic readers and sharers of broad and diverse books of all formats (audio, physical and ebooks).  Gooooooo, books!

Exuberant Love of All Things Literary